sreda, 07. januar 2009

Lovely blog award

This lovely blog award I got from Joanne. Her creations are gorgeous and I just love it! Thank you Joanne, you are so nice! Go and see her blog!
Ok, I need to pass this award onto 7 other bloggers, that is hard decision! But here they are:

Ok, that is my decision, go to see that blogs, they are just gorgeous!

9 komentarjev:

NGCARDS pravi ...

Awww thank you hun =) xxx

Suzy pravi ...

Aha. A to me čaka? Rabim prevod. Sem že videla na tujih blogih, pa nisem zastopla za kaj gre pri tem.

Emma pravi ...

Congrats on your award Moni.
Emma x

Anonimni pravi ...

Hi Moni! Congratulations on the award and thank you, that's so sweet of you. Hvala!

Hugs Vanja

Anonimni pravi ...

`Congrats` on your Award Moni... your sooo deserving of this ....
and Many `Thanks` for thinking of me I will display it with pride...You are soooo `sweet`...
lots of love to you all...:)~X~

Free Spirit pravi ...

I found your blog by blog hopping. I love that you have a translator. I would like to ask a favor as a fellow blogger myself. I am tryign to reach as many countries as I can. My kids are learning about other places and we would appreciate it if you can send us a postcard or two. Please see my blog and if you can post on your blog to help with this mission I will be grateful.


Happy Crafter pravi ...

Hi Moni congrats on the award its beautiful :)
Val xxx

Simona pravi ...

:) hvala :) moja prva nagradica :)

Tulpika pravi ...

Moni, hvala, kako prijazno, da si mi povedala, da ti je vsec moj blog x