ponedeljek, 30. november 2009

Whiff of Joy Advent calendar

Katharina is again surprising with WOJ surprise package! Go to Katharinas blog!WoJcalendarLogo

nedelja, 29. november 2009

More candies

Denise is giving candy away, and there will be 4 winners, it ends on 10.12.!

Stunning candy is giving Lisa away, and it ends on 16.12.!

Waw Maria is giving fab candy, 2 prizes, and it ends after Christmas!
Gorgeous candy is giving Martine away, and it ends on 30.11.!My Blog Candy
Krumel is giving fab candy away, and it ends on 1.12.!

Chris is giving surprise candy away, and it ends on 8.12.!

Lacey is giving every Wednesday candy away-Weekly Wednesday Candy!

Debbie is giving fab candy away, and it ends on 4.12.!
Čudoviti bombonček podarja blackwoman, konča se 17.12.!
True is celebrating and her candy is gorgeous, congrats on your stamp going on sale, it ends on 12.12.!

Elizabeth is giving fab cany each day-25 days!

You dont want to miss this candy, Debbi is giving fab candy away, and it ends tomorrow night!

torek, 24. november 2009

New Challenge blog- Sketchy Colors

Waw I found new Challenge blog- Sketchy Colors, first challenge is starting on 29.12., there will be awesome prizes. Cant wait! :)
Check it out! Sketchy Colors

petek, 20. november 2009

The Gypsy Spot Giveaway

Do you want to win new Gypsy, if it is yes, just on the Gypsy new blog site and all info you will find there! Gypsy is donated by Custom Crops! I really want it, and thios giveaway ends on 1.12.! Good luck to all!

torek, 17. november 2009

1 card 3 challenges

Hi, again sorry for lack of blogging, will try to post more often. :)
Today I made a layout for my baby, he is not baby any more, he is little man! :)

I used a sketch that is on Friday Sketch Challenge. I used pic of my Kristian, hope it is ok!

And another entry is for All sort Challenge, want to see something made for a child, and my layout is for my little man! :)

And last but not least is for Crafty Creation Challenge, want to see snow, ok, I got snow on my pic, hope it is ok! :)

And my layout:
Papers that I used, I got from lovely Joanne, Butterfly is crochet by me!

sobota, 14. november 2009

More candies

Kathryn is giving huge candy away, and it ends on 30.11.!
So gorgeous cand is giving away Nilla, and it ends on 3.12.!

Cute candy is giving away Kim, it ends on 4.12.!

Elisabeth Bell is giving again fab candy away, and it ends this end of the month!

Carlyann is giving fab candy away, and it ends on 31.11.!

Crystal is giving fab candy away,and it ends on 9.12.!

Mina is giving fab gorgeous candy away, and it ends on 1.12.!

Jacque is giving fab candy away, and it ends on 27.11.!

Lovely Lisa is giving away candy, she is clearing her room, her candy ends on 7.12.!

is giving fab candy away, and it ends on 27.11.!

Fran is giving fab candy away and it ends on 22.11.!
Beautiful and huge candy is giving away Emma, and candy ends on 5.12.!

petek, 13. november 2009

Few challenges and one card

Hi bloggers, I made one card, for a girl who tommorrow turnes 3! Sketch for the card I found in I-C-S Challenge, love this challenge! :)

My second entry is for Everybody art Challenge, they want to see Distressing, I did it, but it is not seen good on my card. :(
"Glitter me Sally" is the theme at Cute Card Thursday Challenge. I glittered my Tilda with Sacura gel pens, (her wings, dress)! :)
At All sorts Challenge, want to see "Bring out your bling"!
At Just Magnolia Monthly Challenge want to see Distressing too! I am too late! :(((
And now my card:
Ok now to the material I used:
Image sent me lovely Bev, punched flower sent me lovely Jacilynn, papers I won at Stephanie candy blog, faux brad I got from lovely Joanne, gems are from my stash. And blank card sent me lovely Heather. I coloured Tilda with watercolours, and those Heather sent me too. :)
Have a fab weekend! I sure will! :)

četrtek, 12. november 2009


This fab award I got from lovely Joanne, thanks hun, so much appreciate it!

Now with this award I have to answer quite a few questions so here they go...

1. Where is your mobile? - on my desk
2. Your hair? - brown
3. Your Mother?- the best mom in the world
4. Your Father? -my support
5. Your favourite food?- mexican food
6. Your dream last night? dont remamber
7. Your favourite drink? - water
8. Your Dream? - to have my own craft shop
9. What room are you in? - living room
10. Your Hobby? - crafting
11. Fear? - death
12. Where do you want to be in 5 years? - here
13. Where were you last night? - at home
14. Something that you aren't? - horrible
15. Muffins... love them
16. Wish List Item? - so many things
17. Where did you grow up? - Ljubljana, Slovenia
18. Last thing you did. - cooked dinner
19. What are you wearing? - clothes
20. Your TV? - not working :(
21. Pets? - no
22. Friends? - a lot
23. Mood? - always smiling
24. Life? -to short
25. Missing someone? - my grandma
26. Vehicle? - no
27. Something you’re not wearing? - bracelet
28. Fav store? - any craft shop
29. Fav Colour? - blue and black and pink
30. When was last time you laughed? - 5 min ago
31. Last time you cried? - week ago
32. Best Friend? - my sister
33. One place that I go to over n over? - my desk
34. Facebook? - no
35. Fav place to eat?- mexican restaurant

I am not going to pass this award, fill free to take award and answer the following questions, would love to visit you and to know you a little better! :)

Sorry for lack of blogging, I have got finally job, and I am too much busy, hope will find a little time to make a card and to show you! :) I do crochet a bit, and those are crochet flowers, I havent take a pic, so I cant show you! Have crafty day!

nedelja, 01. november 2009


Gorgeous candy is giving away Jane, it ends two weeks from now!

Again stunning candy from ABC DESIGN BLOG, and candy ends on 13.11.!

Nannie is giving fab candy away, and it ends on 19.11.!

Fab stamps is giving away In2stamps inspiration blog, and it ends on 15.11.!

Vanessa is giving fab candy away!

Waw so huge and awesome candy is giving away Jacque and I want it, this candy ends on 15.11.!
Lydia is giving huge cadny away, it is so yummy, and I want it! It ends on 20.11.!
Gorgeous candy is giving away Jacqui, and it ends on 14.11.!
Dianne is giving fab candy away, and it ends on 9.11.!

Marley is giving huge candy away, and it ends on 1.12.!