sreda, 23. junij 2010

Few awards

Hi blogers, still no cards or jewellry. :(
I have been crafting, but havent camera to show you. My camera isnt fixed yet! Hope will show something soon. And now to the awards I got:

My dear Laura sent me few awards, I want to thank her so much. She is stunning artist, love her painting and card. She draws images, and they are fab. If you dont know her, please pop over her blog and you will see for your self what I am talking about. She is great friend. Thanks hun. :)
And now awards:

Thank you my dear friend, I would love to sent those awards to few my dearest blog friends:

All those women are fab crafters, love their work! :)

sreda, 09. junij 2010

New Bunny Zoe s Crafts Challenge

Bunny Zoe is having new blog for Challneges, just click the link.
Their Monthly challenge will held on the 2nd Monday every month! First challenge will begin next Monday, 14th June!

For more info just pop over their blog. Dont miss this Challenge!

torek, 08. junij 2010

High Hopes blog hop

Do you want to win a package bursting with new release stamps?
Go and visit High Hope blog for more info how to enter!
On Monday, 14.june they are having a release and blog hop. So excited, join the fun, I sure will!
What you can win?
make gif

No card - sorry

Hi blogers!

Sorry I havent posted anything for a long time, except a candies, anyway I was busy at work and at home. And I lost my mojo, so hope will find it soon.
And than my camera broke, so I am without my camera, and I truely hope it will be fixed soon. I need camera, love to take pics of my son. I have lost a lot of fab scenes!
Anyway, I am sorry for not visiting your blogs, I know you all have fab creations and ideas. I promiss will visit you soon. Maybe my mojo will come back. :)
See you soon!

sobota, 05. junij 2010

More candies

Katharina is giving away 2 WOJ set stemps, it ends on 12.06.!

Snowflake is giving candy away, it ends on 18.06.!