sreda, 02. april 2014

New jewellery

Hi blogger,

I want to show you my new jewellery I have made. Hope you like it. So if you like it and want to buy please contact me via mail or here in comment section.

Memory wire bracelet


Have a fab rest of your day!

Hugs, Moni

torek, 01. april 2014

A card from my son for Mother's day

Hi there bloggers,

I know I haven't been around for a long time. I have been busy, with looking for new home for us. So moving will be soon, will show you some pics when I me to my new house. :)
But I have been creating a lot but forgot to pictured it. Will make another post to show you my new creations. Anyway I wanted to show you a card for me from my son that he made for Mother's day. Mother's day here in Slovenia  was on 25.3..

It was taken from my phone, I know it is not good pic, sorry for that.

Have a fab rest of your day, wherever you are!

Hugs, Moni