sreda, 14. januar 2009


Ok. Kerry is giving 2 candies away, so go and check it! Time you have is till 21.1.!

Suzanne and her gorgeous candy, and time you have is till Friday!

Lulu is giving away candy, what are you waiting for! You have time till 28.1.!

Joani is giving fab candy away, and you have time until tonight!

want from you to tell her your New Year resolution, and you are in for the drawing! You have time till 21.1.!

Candy give away no.2 from Lorraine, go and grab! You have time till 29.1.!

Have one more, Julie is giving gorgeous candy away, so what are you waiting for, it ends on 22.1.!

is giving gorgeous candy away and you have time till 19.1.!

I have got some gorgeous candy for you, Sarah is giving away candy, need to see!

3 komentarji:

Kerry D-C pravi ...

Thanks for spreading the word about my blog yummies! Good Luck!

Christi pravi ...

Thanks for the heads up! :)

Tulpika pravi ...

Moni, ni bonboncek, te pa na mojem blogu caka nekaj drugega :)
LP, tulpika