četrtek, 30. oktober 2008

Again candy

Go and see blog from angeldrummer she is giving away sweet candy!
New blog look has poppet, so she is giving away fabulous candy!
Paul is giving away great candies, his cards are awesome!
Candy is giving away anka!
Another gorgeous blog from kristin!
Leoni has very beautiful candy blog!
Awesome blog candy has got juliet!
Great candy blog from camilla!
Scrapping-away is giving fabulous candy! Go and see!

2 komentarja:

bolha pravi ...

Moni, čestitke! :):) Slovenke imamo pa srečo zadnje dni pri blog candyjih. :)

Lp, Nataša.

Moni pravi ...

O hvala bolha, ja pa mamo res srečo ja! Lp, Moni