petek, 27. februar 2009


Carlz is giving candy away, all you need is to answer her questions, it ends on 23.3.!

Josianne is giving gorgeous candy away, so you have time till 15.3.!

Carol is giving wonderful candy away so pop over and see it for your self, it ends on 28.2.!

Jude is giving some gorgeous candy away, and you have time till 25.3.!

Maria from Imagine, Create and Inspire is giving again gorgeous candy, and it ends on 27.3.!

Zoe is giving gorgeous candy, she will celebrate her 9th birthday, so check her blog, it end on 8.3.!

KC242 is giving gorgeous candy away, it ends on 9.3.!

Justine is giving huge candy and it ends on 6.3.!

Steph is giving gorgeous set of promarkers away, you have time till 6.3.!

is giving gorgeous candy away it ends on 9.3.!

Summer is giving gorgeous candy away, it end on 4.3.!

is giving such a lovely candy away, pop over, it end on 12.3.!

Viv is giving gorgeous candy away, it ends on 14.3.!

4 komentarji:

josefa laura pravi ...

Hi ,only visiting your beautiful blog jlaura

Zoe pravi ...

Hello Moni, Thank you for entering my blog candy and good luck.

polonap pravi ...

čudovito novo ozadje imaš.

Kakšna lušna, lušna punčka.

Anonimni pravi ...

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