torek, 10. februar 2009

Another blog award

This beautiful award i recived from my blog friend Emma, thanks hun for thinking of me!
The rules state I have to pass onto 3 people who I think have beautiful blogs and work. This is very hard, because i think all of you have gorgeous blogs, so i am passing to:

Vanja - Her creations are gorgeous and great blog she has!
Bev - She inspire me with gorgeous ideas, love her work, great blog!
Debbie - Gorgeous creations, great blog!

P.S.: We had a great time over the birthday party, thanks to all for nice words for birthay of my niece! Love you all!

6 komentarjev:

Bev pravi ...

Thank you so much Moni, I will pass it on later tonight

hugs Bev x

Anonimni pravi ...

Hvala ti, Moni! :)

Pozdrav Vanja

Kristine B. pravi ...

Congrats on your beautiful award! :)

Bev pravi ...

Moni. just wanted to say that I have not fogotten about the parcel for you honey, I will try and get it done on the weekend, things have been so busy here this past week.

hugs Bev x

Crafting Joanne pravi ...

Congrats on the award Moni.

I have another special award for you over on my blog.

Joanne x

Debbie pravi ...

Thanks so much for the beautiful award Moni...sorry I am late collecting it...I have had PC problems all week! All fixed now :)Debbie x