torek, 16. december 2008

Day 16

Day 16 and Katharina is still giving away candy! Ok, again nothing, but I am in and hope I will be winner once!

Jude is giving fantastic candy, and you have time till 12.1.2009! good luck!
Tori is giving great candy!

3 komentarji:

Suzy pravi ...

Moni, a si ti sodelovala v izzivu na Just Birthday and Christmas cards? Izžrebana je Moni. Preveri se.:)

Moni pravi ...

Suzy ne sodelujem na izzivih, mogoče je kera druga, ki ji je ime Moni! Lp, Moni

Nicole Verkooijen pravi ...

Hi Monika, I just stopped by to thank you so much for all your nice comments on my cards, Its so nice of you to stop by everyday. Your great :-)) Greetings and a big hug, Nicole Verkooijen