torek, 02. december 2008

Blog candies

Let start with Joanne, she is giving gorgeous candy, you have time till tomorrow!
Claire is giving gorgeous candy, it ends on 14.12!
Emma and her candy, it ends on 8.12.!
Blue daisy is giving awesome candy away!
Bev is giving again candy, it ends on 4.12.!
Annies candy blog ends on 5.12.!
Candy is giving away Jo, and it ends on 9.12.!
Ila is giving away gorgeous candy, ends today!
New candy for you it ends on 5.12. and it is from Suzanne!
On Christmas day Buffy will pick the winner for her candy!
Beautiful candy is giving away Jude, and it ends on 10.12.!
Lil Deb is giving away cute candy and it ends on 14.12.!
Want some more candy, Paula is giving away gorgeous candy and it ends on 10.12.!
Vanja is giving away candy on 18.12!
You have time till 9.12. and Cindy will pick a winner for her candy!

3 komentarji:

Ila pravi ...

Thanks so much Moni for entering and spreading the news of my blog candy...Good Luck!!....Hugs, Ila

Sandra pravi ...

Glad you like my clown on the Kadoodle blog. Good Luck with the draw.
Sandra xx

Anonimni pravi ...

Hi Moni! Thanks for entering my blog candy and good luck.

PS.I'm glad to hear your family also celebrates St. Nicholas on December 19th.
Vse Najboljse