petek, 04. maj 2012

Rolled flower necklace

Hi there bloggers,

how are you all today? Hope you are ok and having fun it is Friday and it means the weekend is starting: Yeeeeeeeee. For me it means a lot of time spend with my family. :) What about you?

Little yawning! :(
I have notice that when I post my jewelry no one comes to see? I wonder why? But when I post a card I have a few commenters that always come to visit. And I am thankful for that. So is something wrong with my posts or you are not interesting in my other creations (jewelry)? Shall I make another blog with my jewelry? What do you think?
You all know (I told you few months ago) that I am without job. And I have a lot of time to write and to create. And you all know that all my jewelry are for sale. I thought I will be selling them but I was wrong, no one wants them. And when I visit other bloggers that sells their products, they are selling them, and how is that. Can someone tells me what am I doing wrong? Or it is just my bad karma! :(
All my jewelry are made with love and I would love to make someone happy. :) Please bloggers tell me what is wrong with my posting or my products? Or it is wrong that I haven't wrote a price, but you can always contact me and I will tell you, they are not expensive, they are really cheap. :) It is not that I want to earn a lot of money I just want to buy new material to make my new jewelry.

Ok it is enough yawning I don't want to ruin my weekend. :)
I would love to show you my new necklace, it is from fabric and is so gorgeous. The flowers are rolled flowers I think it is called like that! I added 3 silver beads. Hope you like it.

My dear bloggers have a fab rest of your day and enjoy your weekend.

Hugs, Moni

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sassy pravi ...

hi sweetie... aw i read your post and im so sorry noone seems to be interested with your gorgeous jewllery...and it is beautful why not try registering with a ESTY shop or ebay for selling just a thought..i personally dont wear that much jewllery unless its for a special occasion and as im getting on in age the grips and rings etc would not look right on me im not into fashion jewllery but its not to say that there are some out there that would love to own your things for sale...i think the majority of blogs especially the ones i follow are card makers although perhaps you need to make another jellwery blog i hope you didnt mind me replying i would like to help but i reckon a ESTY shop maybe the way forward i wish you the best of luck your jewllery is lovely dont give up...lots of hugs sassyxxx

febe pravi ...

Your work is awesome. Keep it up! :)

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