ponedeljek, 07. maj 2012

Do you know Zibbet???

Hi there bloggers,

it is again Monday and it is rainy day. So hate rain. :(
Last time I posted I was yawning about my stuff that I am selling, and lovely Sassy gave me a nice advise. Thank you so much Sassy it really meant to me. If you haven't visited her blog, please pop over and see her fab projects, she has great style. :) So I decided to open online store, and it is not on eBay, or Artfire or Etsy it is on Zibbet. I got this account (basic) and I don't have to pay fees, this is something that I don't have (money) so it it proper for me. :) If you want to visit my store, please find my store on my sidebar of my blog. I have listed 5 item for now, I will list more items. So hope I will have more luck this time. :)

Have a  nice rest of the day, hope you all have fab sunny day.

Hugs, Moni

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sassy pravi ...

aw moni thanks for the mention i really hope it will make great sales it might take a while but keep going..will have a look soon all the very best in your new venture hugs sassyx