torek, 08. maj 2012

Flower embellishment

Hi there bloggers,

me again. :) If you want to see my card please scroll one post down.
Ok, now I want to show you my set of 4 flowers (2 orange, 1 violet and 1 pink) embellishment. I know all crafty people love to add fab flowers to their project, I like it too. :) Sso here you have 4 gorgeous flowers.  This set is for sale and you can have it for 4 € plus p&p. If you are interested please contact me by mail. I will make them in other colours, just stay tuned.

In real they are so gorgeous. Sorry for bad pics, I just can take a proper pic. :(
Have  a fab rest of your day.

Hugs, Moni

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febe pravi ...

So cute! I wonder what will be your next project. :)

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Janja pravi ...

Zelo so lepe. Lp