torek, 26. junij 2012

3 day camping

Hi there bloggers.

how are you all today? I am ok, and full of energy. :) I went to camp for 3 days because yesterday was Holiday here in Slovenia, and we had 3 days off.
I am so sad that my camping is over. :( No more vacation till November. :( 
But I had 3 fab days with my family, hole 3 days camping in Sabbiadoro, Italy. I was off and was enjoying the bbq's and swimming, the weather was great, not to hot. And i can say that my son was enjoying the most. Few pics, pics are not so good as I wanted them to be, another time I promise they will be better:

Our camp

 At Junior Park

 On the beach

Training karate

 At the pool

 Luna Park

Have a fab rest of your day where ever you are, and hope it is not so very hot.

Hugs, Moni

4 komentarji:

sassy pravi ...

what lovely picture moni your little boy looks really happy on the beach
hope you enjoyed your holiday too hugs sassyxxx

Anonimni pravi ...

Kako lepa punčka (saj vem, da je fantek,no) :)


Vanja pravi ...

Jel se to kuva kafa? Bas bi mi prijala jedna. ;)

Prelepe slike, Moni!


Rica pravi ...

Oh Mani, I am so glad you had a wonderful holiday. Your photgraphs are fabulous - it's love to see Kristian again, gosh he is growing up, no long a toddler how he's 'boy'!!!
I'm happy you are feeling good and relaxed.
Love and hugs
Heather xx