ponedeljek, 26. december 2011

New jewellry and cellphone charms

Hi there Bloggers!

It was gorgeous Christmas with my family, my parents and my sister and her family. Hope you all had fab one. Anyway as I told you other day I am without job so need to sell my handmade jewellry, so if you are interested in anything please massage me and I will sent you. All my other stuff you can find here, here and here.

3 komentarji:

Caroline pravi ...

These are fabulous!! Thanks for visiting my blog and posting about the blog candy! :o)

Vanja pravi ...

Zdravo Moni! Srecna ti Nova godina i sve najbolje!
Prelepo, kao i uvek.


Alicia pravi ...

Your jewellery is gorgeous. I love the little angel earrings. They are so cute!
Alicia xx