torek, 20. december 2011

Bad news

Hi there blogger,

hope you are all good and enjoying your preparations for Christmas! I am not. :( It is horrible but it is true. I found out today, that in Friday is my last day at work! Very bad news, just to remain that my hubby is without work and now me! I just want to cry. So my jewellery is for sale if you are interested in my jewellery please contact me. I so need money wright now. I will post more!(see few post below)
I can only hope I will find another job quick as possible! I am sorry for yawning but need to tell someone. I am glad I have some material so I can create and sell. I know it is not enough money but it is better than nothing.
My dear bloggers have a fab rest of the day and I am sorry about my yawning and thanks for reading.

Hugs, Moni

2 komentarja:

Nicola pravi ...

Sorry to hear about your job Moni and I hope you find something very soon :) Stay positive and try to enjoy Christmas
Love Nicola xxx

Vanja pravi ...

Zao mi je sto to cujem, Moni, bice bolje. Puno uspeha u nalazenju posla i svemu ostalom!