nedelja, 19. julij 2009


This fab award I got from lovely bloggers, Heather and Cheryl! Thank you girls, I appreciate it!
And my last award is from Cheryl, that she gave me two months ago! Thank you hun!
So if you do not have these awards please take it and put it on your blog! Have a fab day today!

6 komentarjev:

Jacilynn pravi ...

well deserved awards. Congrats! Are you enjoying summer with the kids?

mi sello personal pravi ...

Wow, wonderful award ,congra to the winner...Hugs Laura

Vicky (Angeldrummer) pravi ...

congratulations ont he awards

Rica pravi ...

Hi Monika,
Oooops - I was so tired last night I forgot to put your name on my awards list. I will do this as soon as I have time. I know you already have one but please take the other two - I especially want you to have the 'Circle of Friends' one.
My move to Germany - phew! - my furniture goes next week - I go the week after - so soon!!!
Lots of hugs and kiss for Kristian - Heather xx

Lisa Olson pravi ...

congtrats on your award Moni so deserved, thanks for visitng my blog. Glad your candy arrived safely hope you have fun with it.

Emma pravi ...

Congrats on more well deserved.
Hugs Emma x