petek, 13. marec 2009


Sonia on 28.2. was updating her google account and by mistake she pressed wrong botton, everything was deleted! She was looking for lost blog friends, a lot of them are back on her blog and she has some new- like me! Her creations are gorgeous, go and see for your self! So she is giving candy away and it ends on 31.3.!

Maria is giving gorgeous candy and it end on 16.3.!

Jay Jay is giving huge awesome candy away, it ends on 22.3.!

Barb is giving gorgeous candy away, and it ends on 14.3.!

Tonya is giving gorgeous candy away, you can play till 31.3.!

Kim is giving some amaizing candy away, and you have time till 15.3.!

Pauline is giving goreous candy away, please pop over, it end on 19.3.!

Emma is giving gorgeous candy away and it end on 1.4.!

Monique is giving some fab candy away, you have time till 14.3.!

Louise is giving fab candy away, it ends on 31.3.!

I have got ew candy for you, Donna is giving such a gorgeous candy away it ends on 1.4.!

Again candies by Kadoodlestamps,every saturday for 8 weekes, just check it out!

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