torek, 15. december 2015

Back again

Hi there blogger,

it is a year since I have been posting, shame on me! I was very busy, but now I am free and have a lot of time. I have been working all the time, two shifts, and was very tired to post on my blog. After all that work I was on vacation and when we were coming back home we had an accident. So we all were hurt but now we are all ok. Thank you God for that.

So now I am back and I can craft again, I made a wreath, my son did one too. Made few cards but I sent them all so haven't took pics of them. Will do that another time.

Christmas is coming, what is your Christmas wish? My is to be all healthy, and to forget what happened, and to live on. I don't need no presents, I just need peace and health.

These days will post pics! Stay tuned!

 My son is making his own wreath

 My wreath

Have a nice rest of your day where ever you are!



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