sreda, 05. november 2014

Back again

Hi there bloggers,

I am back again. My last post was from April, since than I lot of thing happend, one is that I moved to my new house. We all are happy, especially my son Kristian! He has his own room! ;) Before we bought a house we lived in a small appartment! So still I don't have a craft room, but soon I will have, and that means I will be crafting again. Yeee, I can't wait. Plus I have a job, I work in a playground in the city mall.
So this post is just to show you my new house, that I am so proud of!



Have a wonderful rest of your day, where ever you are!

Hugs, Moni

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Heather pravi ...

Hi Moni, thanks for your email and many comments!!! I've had a manic year moving back to the UK. I am in process of emailing you - before too long hopefully!!!
Your house looks stunning, lots of country side around and beautiful house......I hope you enjoy it and I'm sure Kristian love it and the lots of grounds!!
Heather xx