sreda, 12. junij 2013

New crafty items

Hi there bloggers,

how are you all today? I am fine, little bit crafty. :) I have been craftiing all week now, I will have my first stall this Friday and Saturday in the mall in Ljubljana. Isn't that awesome, i am little bit of nervous but I will manage. :) So need luck to sell all my crafty things. Ok, I will show you few things I have made this week, and I am still working. Hope you like my work.

Lovely Headband, I have made another one but haven't take a pic, another time, I promiss. :)

Lovely door wreath

Another door Wreath

Bracelets, the blue one made my son, so I promissed him if I sell it the money goes to his piggy bank account. 

I have made few stuff but haven't had time to take pics, I promiss I will do that soon.

Have a fab rest of your day where ever you are.

Hugs, Moni

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sassy pravi ...

hi moni oh wowzer... my word these are superb sweetie and heres wishing you loads of sales...dont be nervous be proud head held high in your beautiful creations...wonderful superb wow creations i hope you make lots of money hugs sassyxxxxx