torek, 17. april 2012

My new collection of hair accessories

Hi there bloggers,

I am sorry but I don't have any card to show you, I am occupied with hairclips and brooches. :) Will make a card soon, I promise. :)
Ok I made 2 different type of hair clips and one brooch. One with only Satin and one with mixture of Satin and Organza. :) Hope you like it, and if you do and you want to order please contact me via mail.


Hope you like my new collection. If you want flowers for your cards you let me know will make for you one. Have a fab rest of your day.


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sassy pravi ...

these are superb...and to follow on from my earlier comment why not try making them as embellishments for cards...everyone loves flowers on their work i certainly do..just another thought ..hope its ok hugs again sassyx..
id buy these if they were in a pack of four even a mixed pack of different colours..too pop on my cards and also if they were pink i just love pink stuff lol!!!