četrtek, 22. marec 2012

I need one big favour!!!!!! SOME HELP!!

Hi there bloggers,

how are you all today? Hope you are fine and have sunny day. We have sun, it is hot and it is spring. I love it. I still do not have job, but I am trying. Hope I will find soon, because I am without money, and that is bad.
So I am writing to ask you for a big favour, so I need karate stamped image. I need stamped image because my hubby is practicing karate and I would love to make for him a bday card with that image. Hope you do understand me, what I need. So please if you have any image I would love to have. Please contact me via mail or here and I will contact you.
Thank you so much.

Have a fab rest of your day.


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misellopersonal.blogspot.com pravi ...

Thank you my sweet cute Moni,I am shamed to write on my blog,but maybe someone knows something and it helps me,today i feel my face like strech I don't know,but I hope in a few hours to be better,this is why i mension you that I count with your suport,but is always a little shame for me to fill your head with my things,I saw you need a karate stamp i told my son to stop work a little for your images,but he is having a teeth infection,the dentist fix his teeth a few days ago but now he's having an infection,so he is taking pilds and feeling little sick,...thank you for all your support,friendship....oh,I love the new letters of your blog.Laura