nedelja, 26. december 2010

Crochet flowers for sale

Hi everyone, as I told you few weeks ago I had some project and here it is.
I have made crochet flowers and I am going to sell them. I will give them in set of 8 for 3,50 € plus shipping. International blogers are wellcome. Please e-mail me which flowers you like, and I can combine colours if you like. I will ship them as soon I got paid, I am using PayPal.

red-pink-white crochet flowers

black crochet flowers

white crochet flowers

beige crochet flowers

Please contact me on my e-mail:, for your order. There are more! Will show them to you as soon as I can. Thanks for visiting.

2 komentarja:

Vanja pravi ...

Prelepi cvetici, Moni! Odlicna ideja da ih prodajes. Srecno!

Laura pravi ...

Hi dear only visiting your blog,the flowers are fantastic ,and the pics of viena wow wonderful ,have a wonderful dreams .....good night...Laura