četrtek, 16. september 2010

No card just few pics

Hi blogger, I am sorry I havent been lately around. I was busy at work and at home, and no time to craft. :(
But I would love to show you few pics of my son and my nieces.

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laura pravi ...

I can't belive it! they are so beautifuls,i love them!the prince and the princess toguether!!
You have your hair so long and beauty,i send you a big hug..Laura.

Peggy pravi ...

Hi sweetie,

Hope you are well ... lovely pictures !!!

Peggy xx

Tündrüs (Jákóiné Klárik Tünde) pravi ...

They are soooo lovely and cute!!!

Nice surprise: someone from Ljubljana where I was a few weeks ago. Some photoes about your nice city can be found in my blog where I wrote about my trip to Slovenia (in Hungarian only). I do enjoyed it, your country is amazing and beautiful.
Regards, Tundrus

Cheryl pravi ...

Hi Moni,your photos are just beautiful,you have a lovely family!!! Enjoy your week!!
Hugs xx

Emma pravi ...

Such beautiful pics hunny, all so gorgeous and cute.
Hugs Emma x

Kim Piggott pravi ...

Hi Moni,
Absolutely beautiful photos!
You have such a wonderful family thanks so much for sharing!
kim x

Vanja pravi ...

Cao Moni! Kako si?
Super lepe slike!
Poz, Vanja

Anonimni pravi ...

Hiya Gorgeous ..You and your family are `Gorgeous` Moni ...
big waves from this side of the pond!!!!!