ponedeljek, 4. junij 2012

6 hair clips for price of 5

Hi there bloggers,

how are you all today? I am ok. I made few hair clips again and have some sale, buy 6 hair clips and you pay price of 5.
At  the moment I have only these hair clips I made, but I can make more if you want and I can make  them in different color (red, pink). Just ask and I can arrange something or you can scroll down to see more of my work and if you like something please tell me and I will make new hair clip. Hope you like my new hair clips. They are gorgeous and I do wear them all the time. :)

Set of 6 hair clips for price of 5 (12,5 € plus shipping, one hair clip is 2,5 €)

Hope you like my work. Thank you for visiting me. Have a fab rest of your day.

Hugs, Moni

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Riet pravi ...

So gorgeous Moni.

ugs Riet.xx

Urškin Raj pravi ...

125 e???? o my...